Did Visakhapatnam Railway Zone Backfire on BJP?Ahead of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Vishakapatnam visit, the Central Government hurriedly announced the Railway Zone with Vishakapatnam as Headquarter. But then, they added a twist giving a major portion of the Waltair Division to East Coast Railways which means a huge income from freight would go to that Zone.

The Ruling Telugu Desam Party is aggressively taking it to People. Senior Leader Konathala Ramakrishna who is fighting for Uttarandhra Rights has termed the Vishaka Railway Zone as Engine-less Boggies without Waltair Division. On the other side, BJD is using this issue against BJP in Odisha where the Saffron Party pinned high hopes to come to Power this time.

“Creation of South Coast Railway with headquarter at Visakhapatnam and transferring major assets and part of Waltair Railway Division (Visakhapatnam) to this new Railway Zone is another attempt by Centre to destroy railways in Odisha. BJP and Minister from Odisha, Dharmendra Pradhan will pay price for it,” BJD warns.

At this moment, BJP is worried about the trick backfiring in both the States. In all probability, BJP may draw blank in Andhra Pradesh in Assembly Seats as well as the Parliament Seats. All the hard work the party did for the last few years in Odisha will also be lost with this move as BJD is turning this into an election issue.