Vimala ReddyThe new character from YS family comes out before media. Vimala Reddy is the elder aunt of Avinash Reddy. While waiting to see when the CBI will arrest Avinash, Vimala Reddy came on screen and spoke in support of Avinash. She said that those who are innocent in this case were arrested and killers are roaming outside. She fully spoke in support of Avinash. Vimala Reddy also said that CBI is harassing Avinash and she questioned Sunitha’s silence over Dastagiri who turned to be approver in Vivekananda Reddy murder case.

Her words are still raising suspicions when Viveka’s demise news came out to public. She got a message at 5.30 that Viveka was passed away with heart attack, and someone told her at 6 am. But CBI in it’s report mentioned that around 6.15 am. Viveka’s death news comes out to public. TDP social media is being dug up her family history amid of her interaction with media. Who is YS Vimala Reddy? YS Vimala Reddy is in the news all of a sudden. She is the sister of YS Rajasekhar Reddy and YS Vivekananda Reddy. Yuvraj Chit Funds run by her son is known to everyone.

Bollareddy Vimala Reddy’s husband Kumara Koti Reddy committed suicide 40 years ago! There are many suspicions and accusations on suicide! Relatives allege that due to her personal behavior that pushed her husband to commit suicide. When Rajasekhar Reddy was the Chief Minister, Bolla Reddy Vimala Reddy’s rampant abuse of power caused a local sensation at that time. During the reign of Rajasekhar Reddy, there are accusations of changes in the records of the assigned lands of the poor and many freeway settlements.

Bollareddy Yuva Rajareddy who is son of Vimala Reddy was known as a mining don when YSR was the Chief Minister. She is the Vice President of Haggai India, an organization that works to train Christian preachers and Christian leaders. After seeing her sudden appearance has no political use to YSRCP.