The Sooner KCR Realizes, The Better For HimTelangana is one of the worst-performing states in the country in terms of Coronavirus Testing. The state for many days in the Lockdown is only performing around 200 tests which is lowest among all the Southern states. So, the state for many days has been reporting cases in Single digits.

The Central Government recently wrote a letter on the issue expressing its displeasure about the issue. Union Health Secretary Preeti Sudan in her letter to the Telangana chief secretary Somesh Kumar had advised him to “chase the virus rather than the virus chase us”.

Meanwhile the state high court also rapped the KCR Government on the same issue. After the letter and the Criticism, Telangana Government seems to have increased its testing marginally. With that, the number of cases is increased and we can see cases in the 40s and 50s these days.

Even now, the State Government is not releasing the number of tests it has been performing in a day. There is an increase but one can be sure it is not on par with other states. Moreover, there are fresh doubts if the state Government is testing only in GHMC areas as other districts are not registering any cases.