Did-Telugu-Voters-Alter-the-Fate-of-BJP-in-KarnatakaKarnataka has gone to the fold of Congress finally despite BJP emerging as the Single Largest Party. The Saffron Party is just eight seats away from the Simple Majority but the distance appeared as so near yet so far.

BJP Bosses would be thinking where they have gone wrong in this entire episode. But then, the Telugu Population in Karnataka may have played their role. BJP chooses to ignore their role under the garb that they still won more than 100 seats.

But then, the fact is Telugu Population is only influenceable only in some constituency and the fewer constituencies they can finally be the difference at the end. Chandrababu Naidu can not celebrate BJP’s loss because he is no fan of Congress but then this should figure in BJP’s list when they are reconciling what went wrong.

It is for BJP to decide if to pacify the Telugu people by honoring the promises it has made or to hound Chandrababu with vengeance. The Second they will prefer mostly but it is the most useless choice they will not realize most probably.