did-ram-gopal-varma-pledge-his-character-to-ycpVarma is an ambiguous personality. His close friends might say that he is not one who can be bought but people who are victims of his sarcastic jokes differ with this argument. The man who says he would not change his persona for anything or anyone looks like had pledged his respect to a politician, YS Jagan.

This is what social media seems talking. Strangely he seems to like Jagan so much that he sacrificed his character. It was a known secret that the agenda of YSRCP was to make an extension of NTRs biopic highlighting the character of Lakshmi Parvathi(who is the supporter of YCP). The party must have pulled in strong-willed Varma to do the job and Varma too did not hesitate.

When NTR was announced by Balayya and Teja, Varma came up with the announcement of making Lakshmi’s NTR. Again for reasons unknown, it was stopped and now again for unknown reasons RGV announced about making the movie today morning at Tirumala. He even announced the date of movie release (January 24th it would be). He went on saying that the movie will depict unbelievable emotions. What was sad is the presence of Lakshmi Parvathi too with him during the darshan and also after that. Is it not enough to tell there is an agenda in making this movie? Well if there are agendas in filmmaking then we can stop calling it creative entertainment industry, we can say its ‘created’ industry to entertain some and to troublesome.