Did Pawan Kalyan Make a Wrong CallJana Sena President Pawan Kalyan the other day announced that his party will stay neutral in the upcoming Nandhyal By-election and Kakinada Municipal Elections. Pawan Kalyan also confirmed that Jana Sena will not contest any election before 2019 elections as the party is not yet ready.

Political Experts are in two minds about dissecting this announcement. Staying neutral is good since it will bring unnecessary headaches. The second part, however, is tricky. Not contesting any election before 2019 means the new party will have Zero experience in Poll Management. Also, the party will not be able to gauge its strengths and weaknesses.

But then Jana Sena sources say that not contesting any election will mean that they will have the surprise factor and freshness to the voters for the Assembly elections. But then, this may also be seen as party’s incompetence to take up challenges. Praja Rajyam Party also did not get to contest any election before 2009 Assembly Elections.

On the other side, Pawan Kalyan already announced that he will dedicate the majority of his time for politics from October. He is however not retiring from films but will give more time to politics only. It has to be seen if this serious news will be enough for Jana Sena to make an impact in the coming elections.