Lagadapati - Rajagopal-Andhra Octopus Lagadapati Rajagopal has come before the media the other day and hinted that TDP is winning Andhra Pradesh Elections. YSR Congress launched a massive attack on Lagadapati led by Vijaya Sai Reddy. Sakshi termed this as an effort to influence the voters in Chandragiri where the re-polling is going on.

But this seems to be outright silly because the re-polling is happening in just Seven Booths of Chandragiri. 5451 voters will have a chance to exercise their voting. The total number of Voters is around 2.6 Lakh which means just around 2% voters of the constituency are going for re-polling.

Lagadapati is unlikely to keep his reputation at stake for a single constituency and that too in a re-polling for 2% voters. If Chandrababu Naidu wants him to use to win this seat, he would have used him before the elections for all the 175 constituencies.

Lagadapati may be correct or wrong but the assumption of him doing this to influence the voters of just Seven Polling Stations sounds silly. On the other side, In a never before move, the Election Commission has deployed 250 Security Personnel at each booth in Chandragiri. That will mean that there will be more security personnel than voters at the booths at any given time.