Did KCR Send Any Message to Film Industry Biggies?Director N Shankar, who took an active part in separate Telangana movement, also made a film called Jai Bolo Telangana in 2011. From the last few years, he had been requesting the state government to allot land for the construction of the studio. Finally, the Cabinet had decided on it.

“We have decided to allot five acres of land to Shankar at Rs 5 lakh per acre,” the Chief Minister said in the Press Meet the other day. This is the first time a person of Telangana got land for the construction of a film studio in Hyderabad and surroundings. All the existing studios have got lands in the 80s and 90s.

The land prices were in some 1000s back then and now Shankar got land which costs 2 Crore in the open market. This is also the first land allotment to the film fraternity in KCR’s rule. By this allotment, KCR made his intentions clear in promoting Telangana people in the film industry.

This is despite the fact Film Industry biggies maintained cordial relations with KTR. Many have owned the Telangana government while completely ignoring their native state government in the last five years. They are wondering why KCR still has reservations with them.