Did Jagan Slip Something About Viveka's Case?Late Vivekananda Reddy’s daughter, Sunitha’s statement to the CBI is creating doubts if Jagan is trying to shield the accused in this case. One statement of Sunitha has come under scanner now and has become a point of discussion politically.

“What will happen if you approach CBI for investigation? Avinash Reddy will go to BJP. Then, nothing will happen to him. The CBI cases on me will become twelve from eleven” – these are the exact words of Jagan to Sunitha as recorded in the statement.

Avinash Reddy going to BJP is okay. There are no surprises but why would the CBI cases on Jagan increase? Will Avinash Reddy name Jagan in the case? But why would he do so? – these are the questions any layman would get after reading the statement.

This case is likely to trouble YSR Congress big time in the coming days. Since it is coming from within the family and the victims themselves, the party and Jagan can do very little about it.