Did Jagan Forget Using Junior NTR's Mama?Andhra Pradesh Government Advisor Sajjala Rama Krishna Reddy has made an allegation on Former Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu. He alleged that Naidu is planning to give MLA Ticket for Late YS Viveka’s Daughter Sunitha and bring a divide in YS family.

While the authenticity of this allegation is yet to be verified, social media is questioning Sajjala if YSR Congress can play victim role even if it is true. “Do you even remember how Junior NTR’s Father-in-law was admitted to YSR Congress before 2019 elections and made him do cheap comments on Chandrababu?,” they question.

“What is the eligibility of Lakshmi Parvathi to be made YSR Congress’s General Secretary except for the intention of cornering Nandamuri family and TDP?,” they add. There are numerous such examples. “Remember how YS ensured Late Suman to give an interview against his father, Ramoji Rao?,” some others questioned.

“Daggubati couple, CBN’s brother Rama Murthy Naidu, there are many examples. After doing all this, Sajjala is sheding crocodile tears as if YS family is the only family in the state. If they really value family so much, we will not see what Jagan is now doing with Sharmila,” they mock Sajjala.