How Modi and Shah Tried to Tamper The Ecosystem to Defeat Naidu?Both the Telugu States drew a blank in the Union Budget Tablet last week. Andhra Pradesh and Telangana did not get anything more than the statutory obligation. Andhra Pradesh is particularly very disappointed with no word about the Bifurcation Promises and funds for the Capital and Polavaram.

Telangana is very much expecting this since the last few budgets. Political Experts are surprised with this move of BJP. “BJP is trying to make inroads into the South – Andhra Pradesh and Telangana in particular, this is not how they should treat them in the Budget,” a Political Expert said.

“If the party thinks it can grow only by poaching leaders from the other parties, it is terribly wrong. It has to win the support of the people showcasing that BJP is helping the State. This attitude of Vote for us and we will help may work in North but not here, the Political Expert added.

BJP could not open its account in both the MLA and MP segments in Andhra Pradesh in the recent elections. But in Telangana, it has surprised everyone by winning four MP seats more than what the Principal Opposition Party, Congress got. BJP is not even interested in investing in Telangana.