Dhone: KE Family Making Buggana Smile!Buggana Rajendranath Reddy‘s image in Dhone took a severe beating after the 2019 elections. Failure as the finance minister, unavailability in the constituency, etc.

According to recent surveys, Buggana is marginally ahead mainly due to a lack of unity in TDP here.

Vexed with the constant nagging of the KE and Kotla families, Chandrababu kept both families aside and made Dharmavaram Subbareddy as the incharge.

Despite KE Pratap losing to Buggana in 2014 and 2019, KE Prabhakar adamantly wants the ticket in 2024 as well. He threatens to defeat TDP if he is not given a ticket.

KE family has a section of voters supporting here. TDP’s victory without their support may be impossible.

This group politics is giving an edge to Buggana here despite bad performance and anti-incumbency.

The cadre is on a high with the grand success of Chandrababu’s recent tour but has become sad about how things are not right in the constituency.

If at all, Chandrababu does not iron out the difference, Buggana may register a hattrick victory in 2024 grabbing success from the jaws of defeat.