YSRCP-Dharmana-Prasada-Rao-Dharmana Prasada Rao who is on a song with continuous lectures on Uttarandhra and three capitals hit a roadblock after Eenadu unearthed his land scams in Vishakapatnam.

Since then, he is running out of ideas to stay relevant.

Firstly he announced his resignation in favor of Vishakapatnam but CM Jagan rejected the idea. No one really took that routine drama seriously.

And now, Dharmana came up with another sentimental drama. This time he called for TDP Uttarandhra leaders to speak about Uttarandhra.

“Don’t fear that I will emerge as Uttarandhra leader if you all support the cause. I can assure you I will not contest in the 2024 elections,” Dharamana said.

Under Jagan, no other leader will emerge as a leader. It is obvious and no one will have that worry about Dharmana. Moreover, even their own party leaders are not taking Dharmana’s no-contest announcement seriously.

“Everyone knows that. Dharmana is going to field his son in 2024 and wants to go to Rajyasabha if YSRCP comes back to power. Who is he fooling?,” even the YSRCP cadre is saying.