YSRCP_Dharmana_Prasada_RaoSenior Minister Dharmana Prasada Rao tried to become the champion of Executive Capital in recent times. The usually sober leader has been making radical comments in favor of Uttarandhra and even offered to resign.

But he later dropped the resignation proposal and became silent after he found no response from the people over the ‘Uttarandhra’ sentiment.

He became active once again and started a new campaign – make Uttarandhra as a separate state if Amaravati is the capital’.

Dharmana is rapidly becoming a joke with these kinds of wild statements. These kinds of statements just for political gain or media publicity may create unnecessary separatist movements.

Andhra Pradesh is without a growth engine like Hyderabad. Vishakapatnam is not up there yet. It is a joke for any part of Andhra to imagine becoming a separate state.

It is gross irresponsibility on the part of a senior like Dharmana to make such comments.