Devulapalli AmarHigh drama ensured in Kurnool after the CBI came down to arrest Kadapa MP Avinash Reddy, the other day. The MP admitted his mother to his relative’s hospital and stayed inside a human shield of his followers preventing the CBI officials from coming inside.

Despite requests by the CBI, the local police refused to cooperate with the arrest. A full day of High Drama has put the media on its toes. YSR Congress cadres even attacked the media on a couple of occasions on Monday.

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Sakshi was so upset with how the media gave full-day coverage at the Kurnool Hospital. It has published teaching media about how ethics should be followed in reporting.

Devulapalli Amar who was a YSR Congress favorite in the name of a Senior Journalist asked ten questions to the media reporting Avinash Reddy’s High Drama.

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Further more, Amar is now AP’s National Media Advisor courtesy of Jagan Mohan Reddy.

They even questioned how a media trial is going on and how the MP’s privacy is being violated.

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All this is fine but Sakshi and Amar remember such rules and ethics only when they are at receiving end.

One should question what happened to that ‘Privacy Violation’ when the visuals of Ramoji Rao in a hospital were telecast.

Sakshi did not answer to date how the visuals that were supposed to be with CID landed in Sakshi’s hand.

As Trivikram said in a film – “Manam Bagunappudu Lekkalu Matladi, Kastallo Viluvalu Matladakudadu Sir”.