Devudi Script Ante Idhe: Lokesh Mocks JaganThe chief minister of Andhra Pradesh YS Jagan Mohan Reddy flew to Davos in a special flight today to take part in World Economic Forum meeting.

Jagan flew to Davos along with his wife Bharathi. This is his first industrial tour. Jagan had entirely been focused on rolling out freebie schemes. Now that elections are around the corner, he is flying on an industrial tour with an intention to draw investments to Andhra Pradesh.

Jagan’s sudden intention to try and draw investments to Andhra Pradesh ahead of forthcoming elections is drawing a mixed response on social media. Nara Lokesh has mocked Jagan using the same.

“You(Jagan) used to say Davos trips are useless. Now, you are taking a special flight to go to the very same Davos. Maybe this is how God’s script works,” Nara Lokesh tweeted as he mocked Jagan over the Davos trip.