Andhra Pradesh Development StandstillAndhra Pradesh High Court has thwarted the state government’s attempt to paint political motives to the judiciary. The high court has rejected the government’s plea to remove two judges from the bench hearing the bunch of petitions challenging the shift of the capital from Amaravati in the name of three capitals.

The court has opined that there is no merit in the Government’s arguments on this issue. Meanwhile, a three judges bench headed by the Chief Justice himself had started the daily to daily hearings in these cases. The petitions are filed against the repeal of the CRDA act and proposed decentralization.

Senior Supreme Court advocate, Shyam Diwas is arguing on the behalf of the farmers. “These petitions are extremely important to the state. It looks like the development in the state has come to a standstill. Along with the petitioners, everyone seems to be in trouble,” the bench opined.

The government did not have a good start in this crucial case. Firstly, its plea to remove a couple of judges is not accepted and then, these comments of the court.