Despite All Tricks, Atmakur Majority Disappoints YCPThe result of the Atmakur by-election is out. Very much on expected lines, YSR Congress candidate Vikram Reddy won with a majority of 82,888 votes.

YSR Congress made tall claims of One Lakh votes majority before the election and used all its might to achieve it by hook or crook.

TDP and Janasena stayed away from the contest respecting Late Goutham Reddy and since his brother is contesting. Only BJP remained as the nominal contestant.

Jagan had deployed Seven MLAs and Seven Ministers to oversee the seven mandals of the constituency. A constituency-level incharge has been appointed on top of them.

There are many instances of volunteers working in favor of the ruling party by bringing voters to the polling booths and making them vote for Vikram Reddy.

In some places, volunteers even sat as the party’s agents in the polling booths.

The media has relayed visuals of the party’s local leaders distributing money to the voters.

On the top of this, there is an immense sympathy wave towards Mekapati family since Goutham Reddy is a non-controversial man and passed away at a very young age.

Despite all this, the party could not achieve its target of a One Lakh Votes majority.

The majority is less than the majority of Badvel (90,533 votes).

BJP intentionally put up a weak candidate and did not campaign seriously to increase YSR Congress’s majority. Even then, the party managed 18,216 votes – an imminent sign of anti-incumbency.