Desperate Naidu Made Pawan Kalyan Zero To Hero!Janasena President Pawan Kalyan had gone into bargain mode with TDP. He has asked TDP to decrease itself for the greater cause and good.

That means TDP should be ready to give reasonable number of seats for Janasena and we do not know if Pawan Kalyan is even expecting the CM position.

The topic of if the demand is reasonable or not is for another day, it should be noted that the minor partner in the alliance is calling shots.

Janasena just managed to win one seat in 2019 and Pawan Kalyan himself lost in both the seats he contested. His party do not even have a symbol right now.

Chandrababu Naidu had to blame himself for this. With all his experience, Naidu missed a simple trick and gave Pawan Kalyan a chance.

We have seen Naidu at least on a couple of occasions mention about alliances. He had sent public feelers to Pawan Kalyan and that has come as a desperation.

Janasena has a small chunk of vote base which will help the election but it should have been handled carefully.

Alliances until official should happen behind the doors. Naidu’s desperate statements emboldened Pawan Kalyan to call shots.

Signals have been sent to Pawan Kalyan as well as the public that TDP is desperate. And now, TDP will foulcry Pawan Kalyan trying to play the game.

But the party should remember that it is their fault. Not only Janasena, BJP will also try to make big demands if the tall claims of the leaders are taken into consideration.

Both the parties will be expecting at least 60-80 seats together. Even if they even get forty to fifty, it is gameover even before it started.