Desperate Measures in Desperate Times- KCR StumblingTelangana Chief Minister K Chandrasekhara Rao seems to be distraught at the rise of BJP in the state. It looks like Rao is extending an olive branch to BJP and is trying to impress the BJP bosses. The first step in that direction is implementing Farm Laws in Telangana.

TRS participated in Bharat Bandh against them. The second is dovetailing Ayushman Bharat with Aarogyasri. KCR previously derided Ayushman Bharat in the strongest possible language. KCR may be thinking that BJP will go slow in Telangana thinking there is a BJP favorable party in power there.

But that would be a big mistake and ambitious Modi and Amit Shah would never do that. These things would only portray KCR as a weak leader before the people and would give a further chance to the BJP state leadership to pounce on KCR.

BJP in Telangana has got a very aggressive leadership that is baying for TRS’s blood. Rao’s previous political guru, Chandrababu committed similar mistakes in desperation and paid price. Naidu’s mistakes were different but were examples of how even shrewd leaders would go awfully wrong in desperate times. KCR should better be careful.