Desperate BJP May Win Karnataka But Losing In Long TermAhead of the Floor Test in a few hours from now in Karnataka Vidhana Soudha, BJP resorting to all the tricks in the trade to garner the support of the eight MLAs it is short of. But then, things are not going on well as Congress has resorted to Sting Operation and has divulged two tapes of Horse Trading.

Going by the tapes, Gaali Janardhan Reddy and Yeddyurappa’s son, Yathindra are talking trying to trap Congress MLAs. While Yathindra promised an MLA a Cabinet Berth or 15 Crore, Gali was ready for a Cabinet Berth or 150 Crore. The tainted Mining Baron was saying he will settle the life of the MLA once for all.

Interestingly, Gali also promises to arrange a one to one meeting with Amit Shah and also tried to pacify the MLA saying Modi and Shah are ruling the country just because they are the ones who keep promises. These attemps may or may not win the Floor Test for BJP but then the party’s image has taken a severe beating now.

BJP which has always pointed out the wrong-doings in Congress and is resorting to the same crimes once again. Horse Trading, Association with Tainted Gaali, and Misuing the Governor’s Office May win Karnataka for BJP but will have long term repercussions on the image of the saffron party especially with the General Elections less than one year to go.