Desis Targetted in USA for Their Hoarded JewelleryIndians in the US are known for their big fat weddings. While this has been going on for a long time, of late, the cases of Indian-Americans being targeted by Hispanic and black groups have increased.

Desis in U.S. have stopped keeping money at home and are mostly into using cards like the Americans. But they do horde lots of jewelry depending on their financial status, and it is these people that are becoming targets of the groups.

Though the Indo-Americans are being very careful by having intimate ceremonies where money flows like water, the groups targeting them watch their movements and zero down on their prime target.

Recently, one such home invasion incident happened in LaGrange, Georgia, where unidentified suspects forcefully entered their house and stole assorted jewelry. LaGrange police responded to a call from 410 Lakeview Way. They spoke to the victim Tushar Patel, who told them that they forced their way through the back door.

For now, the vehicle has been identified as Nissan Pathfinder. They also found many suspects, all of whom were Hispanic or black.

Also, incidents of cars being busted for fuel have increased in the bay area, leaving the Indian community in a precarious situation.