Desi Managers USAWe have seen many Indian techies working in the US saying, “Indian managers have selfishly spoiled and changed what “management” really is. They throw their weight around on Indian employees and treat them like slaves.

They say, it is true that these Desi managers can’t do the same with UK, Australian, or US employees. No Indian techie wants to work under a desi manager, they instead prefer a non-Indian manager. While there is a growing disgust among IT employees due to micro-management and unhealthy work expectations, there are many who would behave in the same manner if they rose to the manager position.

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There’s no denying if and when they become a manager, they might take a similar stand. Of course, it is a system issue and needs to be corrected to create a positive, productive workspace. The employees need guidance, good feedback, and not someone breathing down their neck almost 24×7.