Desi Grads Earn More Than American Peers In U.S.It’s all about money, honey. And none other than the Americans know this better. Yet, an average American with a college degree earns much lesser than what his US-born Indian peers earn in the U.S. This was found by a study by the Washington-based Migration Policy Institute.

Immigrant students usually have advanced degrees and major in STEM and health fields that their U.S. peers with college degrees. The study also found that 60 percent of immigrants have college degrees as compared to 53 percent of U.S. citizens.

Fifty-one percent of immigrants have STEM degrees as compared to 36 percent held by Americans. Also, the immigrants earn their highest degrees in the U.S. and start a with a very decent pay package especially in the field of IT.

Well, despite all this, a section of immigrant workforce feels their capabilities are under-utilized, and they often end up doing jobs that can be done by a high schooler. This was due to less proficiency in English, limited networks, and other issues. According to the study, numeracy and digital skills are also likely to impact their role.