Deputy CM Vulgar Language On Chandrababu In Assembly The sycophancy of YSR Congress Ministers and MLAs is going to the next level, especially with the cabinet expansion round the corner.

Deputy Chief Minister Narayana Swamy went overboard and even used vulgar language in the house. He started with how Jagan respects everyone and is a bigger leader than the late YSR.

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“Jagan is taking the country forward and is surprising the whole world. The whole world is waiting for our schemes,” the minister said.

That’s okay if he stopped there. But the minister went on to even use vulgar language.

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“If not for Sakshi, this yellow media would dominate. But I still have one complaint. Sakshi gives huge coverage to Chandrababu Naidu but Eenadu and Andhrajyothy do not write what Jagan speaks in the assembly or about our Navaratnalu,” the Deputy CM said.

“Sakshi gives coverage to whatever this Mundalu says. My stomach is burning. That is my only concern,” Narayanaswamy said. Interestingly, the chair did not correct him and the rest of the members have cheered him with claps after concluding the speech.

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