Demonetization: Who Is Right - Chandrababu or KCR?There are two types of Chief Ministers in the country – Those who support Demonetization and those who do not. Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu is one of the strong advocates of the big notes ban for several years but then Naidu is also speaking about the bad implementation.

KCR on the other side started with dissent on the Demonetization and later became a strong advocate of Modi’s radical decision. Naidu is sailing along with the tide taking the feedback from the people while KCR is totally supporting Modi and silent about the bad implementation.

But then Demonetization is such a big issue with huge implications, Modi and all the Chief Ministers will be scrutinized by the people over the issue. So, only Naidu or KCR can be right in the issue. We will have to see who will be smiling at the end.