Demonetization Affect Surat Couple Low Fat Chai Pani Wala WeddingWhile Gali Janardhan Reddy daughter’s 500 crores worth big fat wedding incense is still in the air, here comes a quite contrast ‘low-fat’ wedding worth just rupees 500. In the name of demonetization, a couple got married on a low budget of rupees 500 in Surat.

The wedding date was planned before Modi announced the ban of big notes. As all did, the couple we are talking about too were tensed with the sudden declaration but as the wedding was fixed already, they have decided to get married on the same day yet a simple wedding. They served tea and water to the guests.

As Gali’s wedding took rounds in social media for its lavishness, the chai pani wala wedding is going viral on the internet for its simplicity. The surat wedding is truly inspirational and got a lot of appreciation. Witnessing both the weddings, people expressed their opinion that demonetization is having its effect on the middle class and lower financial classes but not on the ones which it actually needs to be.

Demonetization Affect Surat Couple Low Fat Chai Pani Wala Wedding