demonetization-advertisement-posters-do-not-worry-your-money-safeIn this fight against black money and fake currency, your money is safe. Hoardings conveying the above message are seen around the country with our Prime minister Narendra Modi‘s picture in it. Reports say that about Rupees 10 crores are being spent on these advertisements.

The government started advertising early of this week to create awareness on the demonetization in the country. These advertisements hold the information that old 500 and 1000 rupees notes can be deposited and exchanged at banks and post offices till 30 December. Not only the posters but the government is conveying this message via radio broadcast too.

we have seen a few instances where people committed suicide with the depression of their money no longer being valid. It clear that these incidents occurred due to lack of awareness of the demonetization procedure. Let’s hope it is not too late for the awareness and is reaching the need.