Pawan-Kalyan-Ippatam Village Demolitions A few months ago, the Janasena Formation Day Public meeting happened in Ippatam village in the Guntur district. Back then, there were allegations that Janasena tried its best to stop the farmers from giving lands for the meeting but some people have given.

Today, the officials are razing down some houses in the name of expansion of the road to 120 feet. People have resisted the demolitions but officials continued.

Police have taken ten people into custody as they tried to stop the demolitions.

The villagers claim that it is a part of a vendetta for giving their lands to the Janasena meeting. The village is seven kilometers away from Tadepalli where the Chief Minister lives.

After the meeting, Pawan Kalyan announced a 50 Lakh Rupees donation for the village development as a thanks gesture.

Recently, Janasena Senior leader Nadendla Manohar alleged that the government is forcing the party to give the funds to the CRDA.