Jr NTR_TDPWill NTR come into Politics? Will NTR lead Telugu Desam Party? are some of the questions which are being asked for a very long time. NTR has always maintained that his concentration is completely on films for now. But the questions refuse to die down.

The other day, a few youths of Kuppam erected a flag demanding NTR to come into politics and takeover. Normally, this should not be news given the popularity of NTR. But Kuppam is the constituency of TDP President Chandrababu Naidu. This is not the first such instance.

Previously, a few youths raised slogans demanding the same when Chandrababu toured Kuppam, a couple of months ago. A demand if genuine should come up from all the places in the state. If such a demand is coming only from Chandrababu’s constituency, it is obvious that someone is trying to score a point on Naidu and the TDP.

Probably, someone wants to portray that things are not good for Naidu on his home turf. But then, the fact is that as long as NTR is not showing an inclination towards politics, no one can push the topic further. But it can be handy for some media houses which are always after negative fodder against the TDP.