Delivery_Boy_Killed_For_An_iPhone_UsedAn iPhone has bought to the death of a delivery boy in Karnataka and this heinous crime is catching the attention of social media now.

Going into the story, a man named Hemanth, a resident of the Hassan area of Karnataka ordered a used iPhone recently.

A delivery boy of Ekart Logistics came to deliver the iPhone on the 7th of February. Hemanth said he wanted to check the iPhone before paying the money, but the delivery boy refused and asked the former to pay up first.

The culprit then asked the delivery boy to come into his house while he goes to get the money. Sadly, the delivery boy fell into the trap and went into the house and soon after, Hemanth bought a knife and stabbed the delivery boy to death.

The criminal then hid the dead body in his bathroom for four days. After realising that there was foul smell coming from the body, he took it to a railway track in the area and burnt it.

A missing case was filed by the victim’s friend and upon investigation, the police identified that Hemanth killed him for an iPhone. He is now in police custody and will have to face legal consequences for his heinous crime over the greed to get an iPhone.