Modi Praises KCR, Modi Praises Telangana CM KCR, PM Modi Praises KCR, Modi Praises KCR Telangana Govt, Modi Praises KCR Telangana, Narendra Modi Praises KCRAfter that Beyond the sky praises of Telangana CM K Chandrasekhara Rao, Prime Minister Narendra Modi responded equally in his speech later. Modi started his speech in Telugu much to the delight of 2 Lakh People attended the meeting. “Sodara sodarimanularaa, Telangana rashtram erpadina taruvaata modatisaari ikkadiki raavadam naaku chaala santoshangaa undi,” Modi said.

Narendra Modi told the people how KCR always talks about Telangana government whenever he visits him in Delhi. He also mentioned about how KCR inspired and followed from all the best practises in water management including his work at Kutch (in Gujarat) to give water to every acre and household in Telangana.

Modi thanked KCR for his support for GST Bill. Modi termed Telangana as two-year-old baby and promised center’s support in Telangana government’s attempts to give water to all the households in the state. Modi mentioned how his government helped Telangana which was buying power at Rs 11.50 per unit and ensured that the state is now buying the same power at Rs 1.10. He extended all possible support to Telangana from the center saying that what Hyderabad is to Telangana, Delhi is also the same for Telangana