CBI_Kalvakuntla_Kavitha_Delhi_Liquor_ScamThe Delhi Liquor Scam case is tightening around KCR’s daughter Kavitha and this has become a big headache to the BRS scion.

The latest news is that Kavitha’s former charter accountant Gorantla Butchi Babu has been taken into the CBI custody.

Butchi Babu is identified as one of the key culprits in the liquor scam case and the transactions he did as the CA of Kavitha are now under the scrutiny. The CBI has taken him into custody now.

CBI stated that Kavitha laundered over Rs 100 crores through the scam. Also, 10 phones have been destroyed in order to tamper the evidence in the case, the CBI stated in the charge sheet it had filed.

Kavitha’s name was seen in both the charge sheets a that were filed by the CBI and the screws are tightening with the investigation agency cracking down on it.

The BRS is alleging that this is the Center’s revenue stream on the party troops over KCR’s national politics aspirations.