Deeply Disturbing Tweet Gets Everybody's Attention #JusticeForDisha’s heart-wrenching incident has been a horrifying remembrance for everyone out there who is deeply disturbed to know that there are animals in the mask of human beings who aren’t fit for living in our civilized world.

Here is a tweet that has been gaining attention post #JusticeForDisha’s murder where a woman described another horrifying anecdote when she called the distress number and explained being abused by an auto driver at around 11 p.m.

However, she didn’t get any help despite calling 100, the distress number. She tagged KTR letting the world know how horrifying the verbal abuse was to her. Immediately, KTR responded through a tweet reply that he is personally looking into these matters to get the animals punished in #JusticeForDisha’s issue.

The distress numbers and panic buttons are available. But, are they enough? Is the present mechanism at disposal quick enough to respond and reach the victim before the damage is done. A lot of questions disturbing the conscience of every sane person, right now.