deepa-jayakumar-niece-of-jayalalithaa-open-up-and-claims-her-rightsDeepa Jayakumar who wasn’t there much in the news of Jayalalithaa, have now broke her silence and shared her emotions toward her aunt Jayalalithaa. She resembled Jayalalithaa in looks while she was speaking to media on the interview as people said. She has also mentioned that people came to her at the funeral and told that she looks like her aunt and should take up the party responsibilities.

She told that she was not aware of Jayalalithaa’s health and that she was admitted to hospital in September and she had only known the news via media. When tried to meet her aunt at the hospital, she wasn’t allowed to see the ill Jaya and was also not allowed to see her at Rajaji hall after the death.

When asked about Sashikala to become in charge of AIADMK, she told that she wouldn’t Sasikala or allow anyone to hijack the party which was built by the hardship of her aunt. She also said that she is the heir of Jayamma and would interfere in the party matter if anything is going against her aunt’s policies.

She said that as a niece of Jaya, she has the rights to follow up on the whereabouts of her aunt’s matters and that the leader of the party needs to be elected by Tamilnadu people other than party people to decide on these matters. She also said that she doesn’t have any ambitions to enter politics but would participate if that is what people wanted.