Telangana Farmer suicideTutukuri Mallareddy, a 70-year-old farmer has jumped into a burning pyre made of wood from his own demolished house at Vemulaghat which comes under the submergence zone village of Mallanasagar reservoir. The incident took place during early hours today.

The farmer claims that he was promised a 2BHK house in 2019 at the R&R colony but after his wife died earlier this year, he was denied the same. He resorted to this extreme step after being denied promised 2BHK house at the Rehabilitation & Resettlement colony at Mutrajpally.

However, officials claim that he was extended package like others. The entire village is tense after Mallareddy passed away and a heavy police force is now deployed at Vemulaghat. Residents of Vemulaghat village have been staunchly protesting the Mallannasagar irrigation project since the idea is first mooted.

While they finally agreed to give up their lands, there are allegations that there is a disparity in extending the R&R package to all the oustees.