Chandrababu-Naidu,-Keep-Anna-Canteens-Away-from-Unnecessary-Add-OnsAnna Canteens are not even one week old but they are already been deemed as the Biggest Successful Welfare Scheme of Telugu Desam Government. Piping hot food is being served in cleanly premises at a nominal cost of Five Rupees thrice a day.

The scheme has become a boon to the poor and the middle class. On the other side, the government has decided to make all the Anna Canteens Air Conditioned. This has been announced by Municipal Minister, Narayana the other day.

This seems to be an over-enthusiastic move by the State Government in the wake of praises to the scheme. The Prime Motive of the scheme should be to supply quality food and the focus should be on that. Air Conditioning them is only an unnecessary expense.

The expense to purchase the Air Conditioners and the Power Bills can feed some more hungry people. Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu should better realize that and take corrective measure to give paramount importance to the actual intent of the scheme.