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Dear CM, Hyderabad Heritage Needs a Little of Your Time

Dear CM, Hyderabad Heritage Needs a Little of Your TimeWhile Andhra Pradesh is spending big money to build the administration buildings, Telangana is spending money on the repairs of the existing buildings. The existing Assembly buildings in Hyderabad which are part of Hyderabad’s architectural splendor and the seats of power are showing signs of neglect.

The 103-year-old Nizam-era Town Hall that hosts the Legislative Assembly and the adjacent Jubilee Hall that houses the Legislative Council, is a serious cause for concern with peeled, damaged walls, damaged pillars, dirty roofs, dangling wires, dusty windows, dust-filled, blackened chandeliers, worn out window sun films, dirty sheds, terrace covers full of dry leaves and dirt.

The government allots 2 Crore every year for the maintenance of the buildings but then there is no much improvement. Most of the funds go only for the ministers’ chambers and the outside structures. Only the interiors of the Council and the Assembly, the chambers of the Speaker and Chairman, the offices of the Chief Minister and the ministers as also the rooms of the CMO officials eat away those funds.

Even the Chief Minister is not focusing on these heritage structures and is spending only to make his life comfortable. We know recently the Chief Minister built a state-of-art camp office. The building started with 33 Crore estimation and finally ended up costing 50 Crore.

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