General elections are not even 50 days away, TDP and BJP are still sitting on the tables and bargaining the seats. According to our most trusted sources in BJP, the party is asking for 9 MPs and 60 MLA seats in Telangana region. On the other side, TDP is ready to give 7 MPs and 30 MLA seats.

In Seema Andhra region, BJP is demanding 6 MPs and 15 MLA seats while TDP is ready to offer 3 MPs and 10 MLA Seats. Both the parties are adamant on their stands and they are delaying the alliance. This delay could prove costly as there will not be time for campaigning.

On the other hand buzz around Pawan’s JSP alliance with TDP is getting stronger with each passing day. This looks inevitable in the event BJP bonds with Telugu Desam party as Pawan already declared his full support to BJP. According to a popular tabloid Pawan will meet TDP chief Chandrababu before his big public event on 27th this week at Indira Priyadarsini Muncipal grounds, Vizag.