Dead Body Mix-Up in New Jersey Sued For $50 MillionIn November 2021, 93-yr-old Kyung Ja Kim left the world, and her last wish was to say ‘goodbye’ to her children at the church. However, now, Kim’s family, which includes her three children, is suing the funeral home for a mix-up of bodies and the subsequent heartache caused to them and their dear ones.

Kim was to have an open casket funeral, and when one of her children, Kummi Kim, approached the funeral director and told him that her mother’s face didn’t seem familiar, he told her it was due to her mother’s age. The family at the time presumed that it must have changed due to embalming and, of course, her age.

However, on the day of the funeral, when the casket was lowered to the ground, the funeral director ordered the casket out and said it was to be returned to the hearse as the body was not that of Kyung Ja Kim. There was a mix-up.

The worst part was the family got to rebury their mother the next day, but they could not get a service done as it happened to be a Sunday. This distressed Kim’s family as they could not bid ‘goodbye’ to their mother and fulfill her last wish.

When the angry family questioned the Central Funeral Home of New Jersey and Blackley Funeral Home and Cremation Services Inc of Ridgefield, they apologized for the mix-up and promised to return the $9000 that the family had paid for the funeral service.

Also, the family of the other woman Whaja Kim was also a victim as they had to hold a closed casket funeral as their mother’s body started to decompose.

Meanwhile, Kim’s family decided to sue the funeral house for their callous attitude towards the dead and have sought $50 million in compensation. The funeral homes were unavailable for comment when the media approached them.