Days Numbered For Work From Home In Hyderabad?Keen to kickstart the economy, the other day, Telangana Chief Secretary Somesh Kumar has met film producers and exhibitors to ask why they weren’t reopening theatres even after curbs were lifted. The Chief Secretary is expected to meet all the stakeholders who are not re-opening in the coming days.

Reports are that this also includes the representatives of various IT companies. The IT companies have given the Work from Home option for all of their employees ever since March last year. The IT employees constitute a major part of Telangana’s economy.

The companies are not in a hurry to bring them back to the office since the Work From Home is proving to be effective. But then, the government is keen on forcing them to re-open as soon as possible for the sake of the economy. The Chief Secretary will also offer help from the government for 100% vaccination of the employees and their families if necessary.

Already many IT companies have started vaccinating their employees but they still do not want to take the chance of opening the offices with the reports of a possible third wave. We will have to see if they budge. The government also tried to pressurize the companies similarly after the first wave but they did not budge.