Pawan Kalyan Continues To Make Political BlundersJanasena President Pawan Kalyan seems to be still faltering in Politics. Assembly Elections in Andhra Pradesh is less than three months away and Pawan Kalyan is still unclear about the election strategy. A fine example of this is Pawan Kalyan’s appointment of Janasena Narasapuram Parliamentary Committee.

Pawan Kalyan announced a Nine Executive Committee and 29 Member Working Committee for Narasapuram Parliament. This is something which should be formed Two years ago but we are having it in days running up to the elections. Pawan Kalyan should have already announced incharges for all the segments but Janasena did not have anything as such.

Such Committees will only complicate things for Janasena now. A good number of this 41 members will be expecting a party ticket for Narasapuram with Pawan Kalyan’s claims of giving tickets to commoners and the less fortunate. He will be announcing a candidate close to the elections and the aspirants will fight among each other killing the party there.

Announcing such committees days before the elections will also mean that Pawan Kalyan does not have any plans to announce the incharge or the candidate any sooner. This will also hamper the party’s chances. If this is the case in a district like West Godavari where Janasena is expected to do well due to Caste Equations, we can just imagine the party’s situation across the state.