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Data Science in today’s era has become an open-ended generic field. The buzz created by the term ‘Data Science’ is immense and has made this field popular amongst the existing professionals and the new aspirants. The popularity and the hype created cannot be ignored because of the growing importance of the data science techniques and methodologies in each and every sector of the economy.

The rate at which data is being generated on a daily basis has opened the doors to a new field called ‘big data’ which furthers the need of the adoption of data science by the organizations in each and every sector of the economy.

There are various misconceptions created in the term ‘data science’. These misconceptions are discussed as follows:

1) Whenever the term data science is discussed, it is always said that it refers to dealing with big data i.e. the sheer volume of data but that’s not the case. Data science refers to dealing with the datasets no matter what is the size of the data set.

2) The field of data science only exists, coupled with machine learning. But that’s not absolutely true.

The knowledge base and the skill sets of machine learning assist in the automation of data science, but it is not 100% required for pursuing the career in the field of data science course in hyderabad.

Having a detailed knowledge of statistical and mathematical modeling would also help in data science.

DATA SCIENCE refers to the study of where the information comes from, what it represents and how this information can be turned into a valuable resource in the creation of business value.

It simply means converting the raw facts and figures into useful information and then transforming this valuable information into the useful perceptions to be used by the organizations.

Mining the humongous amount of data and identifying the patterns associated with the kinds of data i.e. structured, unstructured and semi-structured can further assist an organization bridle in operating costs, increase the efficacies, identifying the new revenue generation opportunities and grabbing them on the first go which further provides the organization a competitive edge over the others.

The data science course helped us in understanding the power the data could bring to the businesses. The data-driven field of data science combines the skill sets and the knowledge base of various areas such as statistics, machine learning, computer skills, technical skills, programming etc. which assist the data scientists in interpretation and analysis of data for the purpose of taking smarter and more logical decisions.

TALKING ABOUT THE JOBS AND CAREERS IN THE FIELD OF DATA SCIENCE, then there are various job roles available that one can dream while pursuing a career in the field of data science. These job positions are as follows:

  1. a) Data Scientists
  2. b) Data Analyst
  3. c) Data Architect
  4. d) Data Engineer
  5. e) Database Administrator
  6. f) Business Analyst
  7. g) Database Administrator
  8. h) Data and Analyst Manager

If you feel like that you are the one who has the capabilities to deal with the huge datasets, then pursue a data science course in bangalore so that you can gain the skill sets and the knowledge base required for pursuing the career in the field of data science.

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