Buchepalli-Siva-Prasad-Reddy-Maddisetty-VenuGopalMaddisetty Venugopal from YSR Congress won in the 2019 elections with a whopping majority of around 40K votes.

Buchepalli Siva Prasad Reddy is the former MLA from the same party. Siva Prasad Reddy is the son of former ZP Chairperson Venkayamma.

Both of them have become two power centers and are troubling the party.

Siva Prasad Reddy is using his clout and ensures the transfer of officials according to his political needs. The MLA and his supporters are upset with this.

Usually, the transfer of officials in a constituency happens in accordance with the local MLA. But the MLA has become a dummy here.

The MLA took the issue to the party high command.

Buchepalli and his supporters are preparing their own plans to counter the MLA.

They say they are not involved and the controversial transfers are routine transfers.

Due to the group politics, TDP is gaining here.