Danger Bells: Jagan's Buried Secrets To Be Revealed?Former Chief Secretary LV Subrahmanyam airdropped by the Center during the 2019 elections time was accused of acting against Chandrababu Naidu and in favor of Jagan.

He was continued by Jagan after winning as a reward. But then, later he was shunted out of the Government by moving to a loop-line post forcing LV to go on a long leave until his retirement.

Everyone was surprised back then about what went wrong between them. LV did not make any comment on it until now but he suddenly appeared on a TV5 media debate and interacted with Murthy.

LV is straight away into attack mode saying that he gave show-cause notice to one officer who is going against the business rules. He hinted that the CM is offended by that.

LV may be referring to the then Principal Secretary Praveen Prakash who was said to be running the show in CMO but was again shunted out of the state by Jagan, a month ago.

“If the CM agreed with me, eight IAS officers would not have faced contempt of the court today,” LV commented indicating that Jagan’s rule is not going well.

With elections, just two years to go, LV coming before media, and that too a media that is considered anti-government by Jagan is a really bad sign.

He dropped enough bombs right in the first instance and if he starts opening further, it will be not so good news for Jagan in the coming days.

LV Subrahmanyam was the Chief Secretary back then and he happens to be the head of bureaucracy in the state. He will definitely know top secrets pertaining to the government.

He hinted that there are many unconstitutional things that happened in Jagan’s Government. We are talking about the initial days of Jagan’s tenure. Things have become much worse in recent times.