Danger Bells for KCR Even in A Victory?The counting for the MLC elections of Telangana is going on for the third day. Since it is an election conducted using ballot papers and a record number of contestants in the fray, the counting is going on for days together.

In the first preference votes, TRS candidates are leading in both seats. But then, in a preferential votes election, the result can go either way until the last minute. Even if TRS wins these elections, there is no way that it can be complacent.

It looks like the public is strongly looking for an alternative to the TRS Government. The public is supporting any voice that is anti-government which is evident from the Nalgonda – Khammam – Warangal MLC election where Teenmaar Mallanna is giving a tough competition for TRS candidate.

Teenmaar Mallanna is independent candidate and is fighting the Ruling party just with the help of social media. Congress is fourth in both seats and is in the danger zone. The party despite being the principal opposition could not make use of this situation. On the other side, BJP will be taken back if they lose both seats.