Dalit CM in Telangana if voted to power: CBN

Chandra Babu Naidu has intensified his ‘Samajika Telangana’ concept for the upcoming polls in the state. He is promising to do social justice for all the sections of Telangana. As a part of this, Chandra Babu had declared that he will be making a Dalit as Chief Minister for Telangana if TDP is voted to power in the region. This declaration will open the discussions on KCR’s promise to make Dalit as first Chief Minister after Telangana state formation.

On the other side, Telugu Desam Party is gearing up to transform in to a National Party following the state bifurcation. Chandra Babu is planning to open the party offices in all the states where Telugu people are present. However there will be a conflict of symbol for TDP as Samajwadi Party is already having the same symbol (Cycle) as a National Party.