Daggubati couple eyeing BJP!It was like Congress is totally eliminated from the fray of 2014 Elections and the current MLAs and MPs of the ruling party are searching for alternatives to save their political career. Every other day, news is cropping up about MLAs/MPs jumping the wall. The latest news is that Daggubati Couple, Purandhareeswari and Venkateswara Rao are planning to jump in to the saffron party.

It is told that BJP is eyeing cities and major towns of Seema Andhra region banking on Modi’s Charishma in youth and urban voters. So, the party is planning to rope in Purandhareeswari and contest her from Vishakapatnam Parliament. The image of NTR is always there for Purandhareeswari. It is told that Venkaiah Naidu is mediating the deal. It may be mentioned that Venkateswara Rao earlier was in BJP for a brief time and later even continued relationship with RSS.