Dadisetty-RajaThere’s always been a complaint on the YCP government for trying to misuse the village volunteer system by using them as government representatives to influence the voters in the ground level.

Now, YCP leader Dadisetty Raja has commented about the volunteer system and he had a few controversial statements to make.

“Volunteers are like YCP representatives. The court asked the government not to use volunteers for party activities so that’s why we appointed secretariat conveners. We will do everything in our capacity to help and support them” Raja said.

Raja also promised to take good care of volunteeers as long as he is active in politics.

“Volunteers will have a good future if they work for YSRCP and that much I can assure them” Raja told in a meeting with volunteers and conveners in Tuni.

The YCP leader added that volunteers should slap everyone with slippers those who say the YCP government has taken disproportionate loans.