Chandrababu Naidu - Pawan Kalyan - YS JaganThe Special Status issue has become a burning issue in Andhra Pradesh. On the last day of Lok Sabha, all the political parties have taken to roads. TDP has conducted a Cycle Yatra in Amaravati demanding the Special Status. TDP MPs stormed into Speaker’s Chamber after the house is adjourned and are staging a protest there itself.

Janasena along with the communist parties undertook a Padayatra in which Pawan Kalyan himself participated in Vijayawada. The five Lok Sabha MPs from YSR Congress have resigned to their positions a little while ago after the house is adjourned sine die. The five MPs – YV Subbareddy, Mekapati Rajamohan Reddy, Midhun Reddy, Vara Prasad, and Avinash Reddy have submitted their resignation in Speaker’s format.

YSR Congress MPs will now move to Andhra Bhavan and will sit for a fast-unto-death there demanding the Special Status. Except for BJP, all the parties in the Andhra Pradesh have turned busy all of sudden. But the big question is if they can impact the Central Government.